Providing Little League Baseball & Softball to the Youth of Simsbury since 1951

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Welcome to Simsbury Little League

Click the link below to read a letter from about youth umpires:
They Are All Our Kids!  (May 15, 2012)


Vision Statement

Committed to develop the best teaching oriented youth baseball league in the State of Connecticut,   
Devoted to providing thought provoking leadership and continuous improvement for coaches and players.

Mission Statement
To provide a safe and positive learning environment for every player that allows them to improve
their individual skill level, knowledge of the game and ability to work well within a team!

Simsbury Little League Philosophy

"If it doesn’t improve the skills of our baseball players or improve the position of our league then it is not worth doing…
if it does, then we are required to do it! "


League Structure

Simsbury Little League is divided into Baseball and Softball sub-organizations.  The Vice Presidents of Softball and Baseball report to the President of the League.   The baseball and softball divisions are broken down as follows:

  • Baseball:  Tball, Farm A, Farm AA, Minors AAA, Majors and Challenger. 

  • Softball:  Tball, ,Farm A, Farm AA, Minors AAA, Majors and Juniors

Each division is headed by a Division Director (see our contacts page for names and information).  Division Directors handle the appointment of managers and coaches, and the day-to-day running of divisional play. SLL's structure follows the guidelines set by Little League International.

SLL is an all volunteer organization.  At the local level, none of the adult board members, managers or coaches are paid.  We rely heavily on the generosity of our membership in terms of both time and financial support.


SLL Registration Fees & Payment Policy:

  • T-Ball & Farm A:  $110 per  player + $10 Town Assessment Fee = $120

  • AA, AAA & Majors:  $140 per player + $10 Town Assessment Fee - $150 (before Feb 1) and $175 after
  • Maximum family registration is for 3 players; Please contact registrar if you have more than 3 players in the league.


  • All players must be paid in full, or otherwise cleared by the league, to participate in any Little League practices or games each Season (Spring, All Star & Fall).  
  • Refund Policy:  no refunds will be issued once teams have been formed.  Exceptions to this policy may be requested of the Vice President in special circumstances such as medical injury.  Choosing not to play, or moving to another program do not, in the view of SLL, qualify for a refund.





General Information

  • Respectful behavior toward managers, coaches, players, parents and umpires is always expected.  Simsbury Little League enforces a "zero tolerance" policy when it comes to disrespectful behavior.  The SLL Board takes these situations very seriously and will act in a swift manner to address these actions. 

  • Registration usually opens on New Year's Day or soon thereafter.

  • Player evaluations for AAA and Majors will be held in February or March.  More information will be posted on the SLL website.

  • There are no exceptions to the age rules. These rules are mandated by Little League International.

  • AAA and Majors drafts are held in early March. Managers will contact each player after the teams have been created.  Team notification usually takes place one week after each division draft.

  • Pre-season practice begins in late March / early April.  Field availability is determined by the Town of Simsbury.  As soon as the town officials believe the fields are available for play, the spring season will begin.

  • Our Spring Season is targeted to begin in late April and will run through mid June. Playoffs for AAA and Majors begin in mid June and run for approximately one week.

  • Typically in season games schedules are:

Majors Games - Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
AAA Games - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
AA Games - Friday evening and Saturday
A Games - Saturday morning & Sunday
T-Ball - Saturday morning
Challenger Games - Schedule TBD


  • All Practices occur on Sundays at various time utilizing all 7 fields. Given the many different divisions and schedules, determining times and locations, in advance, is extremely difficult.

  • AA, AAA and Majors rotate batting cage sessions - times and day of the week change every year per division per team. 

  • Simsbury LIttle League will participate in the Memorial Day parade.  Look for information on our website and from your team administor as the date approaches.