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Simsbury Little League
Summer Baseball

Simsbury Little League is happy to offer several summer baseball options for our players ages 9 and above.


  • Farmington Tournament - Parents and kids who have participated in this tournament over the years have loved it.  Teams play 3 or 4 nights per week against competition from the Farmington Valley area.  The competition can range from small town non all star teams to non little league travel all star teams.  The baseball is excellent and the facilities in Farmington are probably one of the few in the state to rival Memorial Park.  For more info on the tournament, visit
  • District 6 (D6) All Star Tournament - Players must be available for all practices and games.   Details regarding dates are below.

In order to be considered for these summer options, players are required to register online indicating what summer team they are interested in.  Please read the team descriptions below to understand the time commitment that is required for each.

Farmington Tournament
Player availability will determine how many teams we enter into this tournament.  This tournament will begin around July 6 and go on for most of the month of July. It is very well run and the baseball is very good. There will be more information to come as Farmington Little League gives us more details.

D6 All Star Teams
Being selected to one of the D6 All Star teams is a great honor that requires significant player and parent commitment.  Below is information regarding the criteria for being a D6 All Star player, the documentation that is required and the selection process that Simsbury Little League follows to put together these All Star teams. 
Note:  If a player cannot fulfill the eligibility or availability requirements for the D6 teams, they can opt to play in the Farmington All Star Tournament.  This tournament has more flexibility regarding summer camp and vacation schedules.


  1. Player Criteria

Simsbury Little League will choose its D6 All Star teams based on the following criteria.

  • Eligibility – The player needs to be age appropriate for the team he is chosen to participate on.  The player must have played 60% of his team’s regular season games.  The player must be a Simsbury resident as of 2/1 of the current year or if the scholol they attend is in Simsbury.
  • AvailabilityThe players selected are expected to participate in all practices and games.   There will be 5-7 practices per week starting in June with tournament schedules starting as early as June 23rd. You can expect tournament dates to last through the second week of July and possibly into August if a team gets fortunate and advances that far.  It is expected that players will not go on vacation during the All Star practices & tournament time period so please consider this commitment seriously as it is a family decision. 
  • Attitude / Effort – Being an All Star is more than just having the talent to compete.  It is also about having the right attitude, being a good sport and a good teammate.  Players not exhibiting a great attitude and effort will not be selected to represent Simsbury Little League.


  1. Team Criteria
D6 Team Details
9-10 District 6 Tournament to start on or about June 23rd
State Tournaments starts upon completion of District Tournaments
SLL Criteria:  Must have played in AAA  division and be baseball age 9 or 10
11 District 6 Tournament to start on or about July 5th
State Tournaments starts upon completion of District Tournaments
SLL Criteria:  Must have played in Majors division and be baseball age 11;  If roster spots cannot be filled by Majors players, then AAA 11-year olds will be considered.
Majors District 6 Tournament to start on or about June 23rd
State Tournaments starts upon completion of District Tournaments
SLL Criteria:  Must have played in Majors division and be baseball age 12


  1. All Star Documentation Required

Official Little League Tournament rules require all players to provide several forms of documentation to verify age and proof of residency.Please gather this information ahead of time. Forms turned in late could cause your child to not be able to participate. If you have any questions about this documentation, please contact the Player Agent before June 15th.  Below are the documents that are required.

  1. Original certified birth certificate plus a copy.  Birth certificates are used (1) to verify a player’s age and (2) to establish the names of the player’s legal guardian(s). If the player’s legal guardian(s) is not listed on the birth certificate, court documented proof of guardianship must be provided. If the legal guardian’s last name is different than the player’s last name (example being a guardian who has been remarried and taken a different last name than the player), please bring marriage license or other legal documentation which links the player’s last name to the guardian’s last name. 
  2. Completed medical release form
  3. Proof of Residency Documents (must be dated between February 1 of the previous year and February 1 of the current year, from THREE or MORE of the following categories to determine residency of such parent(s) or guardian:
    1. Drivers License
    2. Voter Registration
    3. School records
    4. Welfare Records/Child care records
    5. Federal, State, or Local records
    6. Support payment records
    7. Homeowner or tenant records
    8. Employment records
    9. Utility bills (i.e., gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal)
    10. Financial (loan, credit, Investments, etc.) records
    11. Insurance documents records
    12. Medical records
    13. Military records
    14. Internet, cable, satellite records
    15. Vehicle records

IMPORTANT: Four utility bills (four items from No. 8) constitutes as only ONE document.   All documents must be dated 2/1 of the previous year - 2/1 of the current year.

  1. All Star Selection Process

Simsbury Little League uses a selection process that combines player and manager voting.  To read more information on how this process works, please review our Local Rules which can be found on the Documents tab of our website.