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Welcome to the Simsbury Little League Registration System
If you have any questions about registering for baseball,
contact Noel Bodenburg: or Julie Trythall
Refund Policy
No refunds will be issued once teams have been formed. 

 Exceptions to this policy may be requested of the SLL Vice President in special circumstances such as medical injury.  

Choosing not to play, or moving to another program do not, in the view of SLL, qualify for a refund.
2020 Summer D6 All Star Team

Based on guidance from District 6 and the State, we are proceeding with planning for an All-Star season.  Here is what we know today – obviously, all of this is subject to change for a variety of reasons (including, if enough teams in a bracket register to play):

  • Majors Division
    • Districts scheduled to start on or around 8/28
    • Sectionals scheduled to start on or around 9/19
    • Initial plan is to have a State Tournament – scheduled to be played the weekend of September 26th and 27th and the weekend of October 3rd and 4th
  • 11 year old Division
    • Districts only; scheduled to start the first week of September and typically runs for approximately 2 weeks
  • 9/10 year old Division
    • Districts only; scheduled to start the first week of September and typically runs for approximately 2 weeks

*  Practice for the All-Star teams is projected to begin sometime around the week of August 17  th.


Given the above, an important step is determining how many players have interest in being considered for their respective All-Star team,  and are available to play.  As a reminder, being selected to one of the D6 All Star teams is an honor that requires significant player and parent commitment.  Below is information regarding the criteria for being a D6 All Star player.  The cost for District 6 All-Star teams is still being determined.  It will be somewhere around $165 per player.

  • Eligibility– The player needs to be age appropriate for the team he is chosen to participate on.  The player must have played 60% of his team’s regular season games.  The player must be a Simsbury resident as of 2/1 or attend a school in Simsbury.
  • Availability– The players selected are expected to participate in all practices and games of the D6 tournament.   There will be 5-7 practices per week. It is expected that players will be available during the All Star practices & tournament times so please consider this commitment seriously as it is a family decision. Any conflicts need to be listed as part of the registration process.


D6 Team Criteria


D6 Team



SLL Criteria:  Must have played in AAA  division and be baseball age 9 or 10


SLL Criteria:  Must have played in Majors division and be baseball age 10/11;  If roster spots cannot be filled by Majors players, then AAA 11-year olds will be considered.


SLL Criteria:  Must have played in Majors division and be baseball age 11 or 12


* Due to the uniqueness of this specific season, there will not be a kid vote this year.  Manager selection meeting will take place the week of August 10th. 


Mandatory District 6 All-Star Manager’s Meeting – August 23rd at 4:00pm at the Tri-Town Little League Pavilion



D6 All Star Team - Playing Time Expectations

It is an honor to be selected to an All-Star team.  This truly means that your child is recognized as the best of the best amongst their peer group.  Having said that, the All-Star teams will prioritize team success and advancement.  This may mean that your son or daughter plays the minimum amount of innings in the field and/or at-bats during games, even though they have attended all of the mandatory practices.  If there are 13 kids on the roster, minimum playing time is 1 at-bat per game.  If there are fewer than 13 kids on the roster, the minimum playing time is 1 at-bat and 6 consecutive defensive outs in the field, per game.  This may be challenging for you or your child to reconcile – considering they are at the top of their age group – and they were probably one of, if not the best player on their team during the regular season.  Only you know how you or your child will react to this situation.  Please only register for All-Star consideration if you fully understand this.


If your child is interested in being considered, and is available per the requirements listed above, please register by Sunday August 9th.

Opened: 08/04/2020

2020 Summer D6 Allstar Team - MANAGERS/COACHES

For any parents who would like to manage or coach for an All Star Team, please register online here.

Opened: 08/04/2020
Closes: 08/09/2020

Open to: Previously registered 

2020 Summer Softball D6 8-10 year old team

District 6 8 to 10 year old team

Opened: 08/04/2020
Closes: 08/14/2020

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 01/01/2009 and 12/31/2011

Residents of: 06070,06081,06089,06092